Free Tax Sites Throughout Pierce County

Jan 4th, 2012 | By | Category: Everything Else

Tax season startsYou know what they say about death and taxes.  Don’t put off doing yours until the last minute.  If you need help the Pierce County Asset Building Coalition helps working and low-income individuals and families save money through free tax preparation help.  Volunteers assist in the preparation of simple federal tax forms and file the returns electronically to speed the receipt of refunds.  Credit unions and banks are also present at some of these sites to give tax filers who do not have existing checking or saving accounts the opportunity to establish one prior to filing their returns.  By having an account, filers can receive their refunds faster through direct deposit.  The PCABC cannot prepare taxes for individuals who own their own business, received any capital gains or losses in the sale of stock, or own a home and paid in excess of $5,000 in mortgage interest.  The list of free tax preparation sites is available at here.  Days and operation of sites vary. Please call the site nearest to you to confirm hours of operation.