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Grassi’s took over the building previously operated by Affairs Chocolates in April of 2014, and operate a floral store as well as Grassi’s Ristorante. The decor is upscale country, with a full menu of classical Italian delights, ranging in price from Italian Wedding Soup at $5 for a cup at lunch to Italian short ribs at $26 for dinner. But looking for sweets, we found their large dessert case to be just the thing we wanted.
We decided to indulge ourselves, and our server, Rebecca, was startled at our order of Lemon Cheesecake Pie at $4.95, Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie at $5.95, a cannoli at $6.50, a small berry cobbler at $6.50, and two chocolate truffles at $7.95. We had coffee at $2, and also sampled their rosemary ciabatta bread at $3 because it sounded so good. And it was, soft and warm and fragrant.
Everything tasted delicious. The peanut butter pie was a candy bar in a chocolate cookie crust, and anyone with a taste for extravagance would love it. The peanut butter was not overpowering, and the chocolate chips throughout were dark and delicious. The warmed berry cobbler was wonderful. The buttery crumb topping melted in your mouth, and the mixed berry filling was not too sweet and not too tangy. Just right.
The pastry shell of the cannoli was so hard you had to bash it with a spoon to take a bite, although the mascarpone filling was perfect, not too sweet but tangy and smooth, with a nice glaze containing sliced fresh strawberries. The whipped cream on the lemon cheesecake pie had broken and ruined the appearance, but the filling was a wonderful blend of sweet and tangy, and the crust was tender as a snowflake. Truffles the size of golf balls were dense, and the blend of dark chocolate and coffee and milk chocolate and raspberry were perfect. Sweet treats to delight anyone with a craving.
There is a lot of seating, and a person with a wheelchair might find it tight going, but the wait staff is helpful and accommodations would be made.
Grassi’s Ristorante
2811 Bridgeport Way W., University Place. Grassi’s is south of the corner of 29th and Bridgeport. Right turn only from the parking lot.
Hours: Tuesday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Carolyn Augustine, who writes the Senior Eats column,

Grassi's Ristorante is in University Place.

Grassi’s Ristorante is in University Place.

is a freelance food and restaurant writer.