A palace with tasty food (and lots of it)

Jan 31st, 2017 | By | Category: Food

The Korean Palace barbecue restaurant is an interesting place. Entering, you are faced with a ramp going up to a bright dining room with tables and booths, and a walk next to it that leads over to a separate dining room with tables with a large fire pit in each one.

The hostess asked us if we wanted All You Can Eat barbecue, but being new at this we didn’t know. It turns out the barbecue is made at the table with cut-up meat and vegetables skewered and cooked right there while you watch, and is quite a production. We decided to save this for another time and ascended the ramp to a bright room where we were seated and offered big menus with pictures of delicious-looking food, as well as descriptions in Korean and English.

We ordered Chicken Yakicoba (noodles) at $9.99 and Marinated Beef at $9.99. We asked if the meals came with side dishes, and we were assured that they did. We were given water and also asked for tea. There was no charge for either one.

The eight small side dishes arrived and included spicy Kim Chee, spiced jicama, and spiced cucumber.  Marinated bean sprouts, steamed broccoli, American-style potato salad and steamed egg plant were also served.  We also were served one of the best things I’ve had in a restaurant in a long time, and that was a bowl of clear chicken broth with chopped jicama and tofu. Hot and delicious, it was a perfect beginning to our meal.

When the main dishes arrived, we were surprised at the large servings, since we had already had so many things to eat. A mounded plateful of Yakicoba included vegetables and chicken. The Marinated Beef had enough chopped meat for two people and was accompanied by a big mound of rice and a double scoop of coleslaw.

The food was very tasty, serving sizes were very generous, and I was happy to bring more than half home. This lunch was very enjoyable, and we felt like we were trying something new.

The barbecue side of the restaurant was interesting, and the menu is set up for groups to enjoy a big meal with a single price starting at about $40.


Carolyn Augustine, who writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene, is a freelance restaurant writer.



Korean Palace

8718 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood (just north of the Steilacoom Boulevard intersection)


Side dishes are among the star attractions at Korean Palace barbecue restaurant in Lakewood.