Travel and jumping out of airplanes top bucket lists

Apr 10th, 2019 | By | Category: Adventures

Where does the idea for a bucket list originate? Is it something that a retired couple brings up one day before the beginning of their golden years? Is a bucket list something that you start when you’re young?

A recent survey of 2,000 seniors nationally reveals that a large percentage of people start their bucket list when they get to a certain age. Other reasons include being influenced through media, illness or death in the family, and a recommendation from a family member or friend, among others. Only 4 percent of survey respondents said they didn’t have a bucket list.

Without a doubt, the most popular experience on someone’s bucket list had to do with travel—and 77 percent of the survey respondents indicated that they had some sort of travel goal on their personal lists. Following travel, 71 percent had financial goals on their bucket list, the same percentage had personal development goals, and the rest were family goals (67 percent), health goals (55 percent), hobby goals (47 percent), career goals (42 percent), spiritual development goals (40 percent) and volunteer-related goals (27 percent).

The most desired specific experiences on people’s bucket lists included skydiving and winning. And the least desired? Getting arrested, breaking a minor law, and trying online dating.

The top countries on people’s bucket lists were Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, the Bahamas, Egypt and Germany. The top 20 cities are Honolulu, New York, Las Vegas, Anchorage, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Austin, Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Washington, D.C., Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Anaheim, Orlando and Albuquerque.

Source: Provision Living, an operator of senior living communities in the Midwest and southeast regions of the U.S.