BOOKS: Life in the last lap, an older-worker revolution, and improbable love

Dec 16th, 2019 | By | Category: Lifestyles

Age is an artificial barrier that too many people use to put limitations on their brains, their potential, and their lives. In “Your Best Is Next,” author and public speaker Ira Blumenthal uses real-life examples to inspire and empower mature readers to focus on creating a life they love. He contends that through passion, commitment and conviction, you can make your dreams a reality–because if not now, when?

Blumenthal uses real-life examples, such as celebrities and influencers throughout history who found their calling in their mature years, and suggests action strategies to inspire and empower mature readers to focus on creating a life they love.

 A revolution is underway that will reshape America’s workforce. People in their 50s and 60s are launching new businesses at nearly twice the rate of 20somethings. Americans are getting older, living longer, and working well into the traditional retirement years.

So says Chris Farrell, journalist and senior economics contributor to “Marketplace,” American Public Media’s nationally syndicated radio program. In “Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money, and Happiness in the Second Half of Life” (HarperCollins Leadership), Farrell combines scholarly research with firsthand reporting to debunk the popular myth that our aging population is a burden on the economy.

“Older adults are looking for a ‘calling, not a job,’” says Farrell. “Forging connections that keep people engaged in the economy in the second half of life—rather than labeling them unproductive and uncreative—is a recipe in the twenty-first century for fueling creativity, encouraging innovation and boosting economic growth.”

Novelist Gary Dickson chronicles a young man’s coming of age and rebellious love with a French high-society countess in “An Improbable Pairing.”

Amidst a 1960s setting of haute couture, three-star gourmet restaurants, and lavish hotel suites, an American graduate student traveling in Europe meets and falls for a French divorcee whose mother and ex-husband strongly disapprove of the resulting affair. All agree that something’s got to give in the coupling of a Yankee of traditional attitudes and an independent, self-confident woman from the domains of rank and privilege. (Amazon and other retailers).