Adventures can be close to home or more worldly

Jan 29th, 2020 | By | Category: Adventures

There are many different kinds of “adventures” in this world. Sometimes we can combine them in order to have an entirely new experience. Some of us have taken on a more leisurely and comfortable life as we have gotten older, and some of us continue to explore other avenues.

We are now into a new decade with the promise of new things. With each decade comes the constitutionally mandated population count performed by the U.S. Census Bureau which ultimately leads to the rebalancing of congressional districts, school districts, and also balancing federal funding for each state based on the population count in each state. It is extremely important that each and every resident in the U.S. be counted once and only once in the right place. The count will also help to reapportion the House of Representatives in each state.

Federal funding for each state is also determined by the count of the population for each state. Funds for schools and school programs, hospitals, roads, public works departments, welfare programs, and many other vital programs’ funding is also determined by the Census Bureau population count.

It is your constitutional duty to take part by completing your Census form. However, you can also make this a new adventure. You can apply to work for the Census. To get the proper count, the Census will be hiring people to help in each and every neighborhood. If you are interested, you can go to and apply to work. You can earn a nice little bonus income which may then let you join in one of our more worldly adventures.

We are starting out our year with a trip to FRASER DOWNS HARNESS RACES on March 22 and then our ANNUAL TULIP TREK on April 8.  The cruise season has us doing another Alaska trip with Princess in July and even a British Isles cruise in that same month. In September, there will be a week-long exploration of Colorado.

Looking much further ahead, because sometimes it is necessary to book further out, we are holding space in November of 2021 on a cruise out of Rome to the HOLY LANDS. Book now to hold space and use that Census money to have the trip of a lifetime.

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