Hotels converted for homeless seniors

Jul 6th, 2020 | By | Category: News

Volunteers of America, considered one of the nation’s top providers of housing for homeless veterans, also provides low and moderate-income housing for other groups of homeless people, including seniors.

The non-profit organization (VOA) VOA has five senior housing communities in Washington, including Booth Gardens Apartments in Seattle. The others are in the Spokane area.

Foreclosed hotels and motels have been converted to housing for homeless populations across the country. In some cases, as many as 75 formerly homeless seniors live in former hotels that were purchased and renovated by VOA.

“Finding housing opportunities isn’t easy,” said Patrick Sheridan, an executive vice president for VOA. He noted that renovating buildings is a way to “provide community improvement as well as much-needed housing.”

Volunteers of America holds more than 25,000 living units across the country for housing for seniors, veterans, those in need, families with children, recently incarcerated adults, and people with disabilities.

VOA’s national headquarters is is Alexandria, Va. Its affiliate offices around the U.S. include one in Everett for western Washington that can be reached at 425-259-3191.