More green this year for real Christmas trees

Dec 8th, 2022 | By | Category: News

Families going for real trees for their Christmas celebrations can expect to pay 5 to 15 percent more for them this year, tree growers say.

That’s the word after the Real Christmas Tree Board, a national researcher and promoter of the Christmas tree market, surveyed 55 wholesale growers of real Christmas trees across the U.S. this fall. Combined, the survey respondents—members of nationwide grower associations–supply an estimated two-thirds of the country yuletide trees. The board (RCTB) also surveyed consumers on their plans for the 2022 holiday season.

Bottom line: “The Christmas tree industry met demand last year and it will meet demand this year,” said Marsha Gray, executive director of the RCTB. “This is essentially a year without surprises.”

That includes an anticipated increase in tree prices. Seventy-one percent of growers, cited higher costs for producing their greenery, said their wholesale prices will increase 5 percent to 15 percent compared to last year. Another 11 percent projected increases as high as 20 percent.

“Our consumer survey tells us people expected as much,” Gray said. “The good news is fans of real trees say they believe the trees are worth the price and are willing to pay more this year if necessary to get one.”

Consistent with supply chain woes around the country — and around the world — since the onset of the pandemic, some growers participating in the survey (44 percent) expressed concern about the logistics of getting their trees to marketers. But the growers also said they expect to meet demand and sell everything they supply.

Gray noted the Christmas tree industry is decentralized, with major wholesale growers spanning various regions of the country. And the seven to 12-year growth span required to bring a tree to harvest means supply can be adjusted by leaving trees in the ground a little longer or harvesting them a littler earlier — whatever a particular season dictates, she explained.

Some of the biggest-selling trees are Douglas and Noble firs, Scotch pine, and Norway and Blue spruces.