Huge shoes, haunted steps, etc.: Seattle’s ‘secrets’ and curiosities

Jan 5th, 2023 | By | Category: Adventures

From a small, coin-operated attraction filled with some of the world’s largest shoes, to the greenest commercial building, urban old-growth forests, a haunted outdoor staircase, and museums dedicated to pinball machines, dialysis machines, and rubber chickens, Harriet Baskas has seen them all in Seattle. And her book, “111 Places in Seattle That You Must Not Miss,” is filled with invitations and a locator map to help locals and visitors alike explore the Emerald City’s hidden treasures, overlooked gems, and surprising curiosities.

Baskas steers readers away from the more famous attractions by sharing insights, anecdotes, and insider tips about places and experiences that aren’t necessarily off the map, but are off the beaten path people generally are accustomed to or seek. Many of the odd spots won’t be noted in traditional travel guides.

Baskas, whose latest book is available through Amazon and book stores, is an author and journalist with her own unique story. She has produced radio documentaries on everything from early cowgirls to offbeat museums and written eight books in all about unusual attractions, hidden museum treasures, and airports around the world. She was the general manager of three community radio stations in the Pacific Northwest and now writes about travel and the arts for a variety of national outlets and her blog,

Located on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, open to the public. Considered an architectural and historical treasure, 350,000 squar feet, 2 million-plus print volumes. Built in 1926 and named in 1933 for former UW president Henry Suzzalo, shortly after his death.