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Prepare for retirement financially and emotionally

Sep 25th, 2019 | By

Those early days of retirement can be exciting as you are finally rewarded with a little rest and relaxation after all those years of toil. But it can be a bit unsettling, as well, when the regular paychecks you counted on stop appearing in your bank account. That’s why anyone who’s still a few years

More women than ever are benefitting from Social Security

Sep 10th, 2019 | By

Social Security plays an especially important role in providing economic security for women. In the 21st century, more women work, pay Social Security taxes, and earn credit toward monthly retirement income than at any other time in our nation’s history. In fact, about 59 percent of people getting Social Security payments are women. But women

What you can do to avoid scrimping in retirement

Aug 27th, 2019 | By

According to a Wall Street Journal study, “a combination of economic and demographic forces has left older Americans with bigger bills and less money to pay them.” Americans approaching retirement today face stagnant incomes, high debt, and paltry 401(k) retirement funds (the median income those accounts will provide is under $8,000 a year for a

Top-20 retirement-friendly companies

Aug 13th, 2019 | By

According to the U.S. Census, by 2035 one in every five Americans will be of retirement age. So, an online senior housing and caregiver referral service, has compiled a list of the best 20 companies for seniors. It’s based on how companies support seniors by providing job opportunities, supplemental income during retirement, unique retirement