The Frank Show

By David Mackintosh
ISBN 978-1-4197-0393-5

For decades, Americans have embraced the concept of the nuclear family as a point of honor.  Extended family households dropped from about 25 percent of the population to just 12 percent in 1980.   However, job losses, foreclosures and the reality of an aging population have shifted that dynamic so that we are returning to multigenerational families of at least two adult generations according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

David Mackintosh explores that new dynamic in a humorous children’s book about what it’s like growing up with Grandpa Frank, a man without any interesting hobbies, or ability to speak a foreign language.  Oh, what to do, when the only available person in your household is boring and you need to bring him to school for show-and-tell.  As the day draws near and the young narrator of the story continues to list item after item that Grandpa Frank can’t do, he despairs he’ll never find something to talk about for a full minute.
But Grandpa Frank has a trick or two up his sleeve.

The Frank Show is a touching story about finding value in an older generation.  You don’t need a kid to enjoy the book, but find one and you’ll be all the richer for it.