Sink your sweet tooth into these cupcakes

Cream puffs and eclairs and big cakes, oh my! But the sweet treat that makes Sweet Mellissa’s a great place to visit is the cupcakes. Sweet, rich, flavorful, delectable cupcakes, in delicious flavors that melt in your mouth.
Sweet Melissa’s is located right next to the Galaxy Theater in Gig Harbor, and there is plenty of parking. The bakery is bright and cheerful and there are tables and chairs so you can enjoy a beverage with your cupcake if you can’t wait until you leave to eat it. The cupcakes cost $3.50 for a standard size, and $1.75 for mini cupcakes. Each one is packaged in a beautiful cellophane carrier, similar to a drink holder, to keep each cupcake safe and secure. Large orders come in big bakery boxes with spaces for each cupcake.
We ordered three standard cupcakes and 10 mini cupcakes, so we could sample a variety of flavors. We tried triple chocolate, carrot cake, pina colada, chocolate vanilla, cherry coke, red velvet, s’mores, snicker doodle, and vanilla. Caleb, our server, was very patient as we kept asking what all the different types were, and adding to our order as we decided on “just one more.” The texture was moist and just the right amount of density with no crumbling, and the butter cream frosting swirled on each cake was just the perfect flavor for each one. The chocolate burst into flavor in your mouth, and the red velvet had a unique flavor that I have missed in other red velvet cakes. The pina colada made me smile, and the carrot cake was full of nuts and fruits.
Flavors vary with the whim of Melissa, the proprietor. Standards like chocolate and vanilla are always available, but you might find a special flavor that you love when you visit.
These cupcakes would make great gifts, but be sure to order ahead if you want something specific.
Sweet Melissa’s Bakery
4747 Pt. Fosdick Dr. NW., Gig Harbor
Hours: Monday through Thursday 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

The cupcakes at Sweet Melissa’s make it an especially tasty place.
The cupcakes at Sweet Melissa’s make it an especially tasty place.