Game and food is on at Country Rose

Eight-foot high-definition TV, special seating for fans, great snacks, and a great big Seahawks logo on the front windows. Sounds like a sports bar, doesn’t it? It is not. Celebrating their 20th anniversary in a large, sparkling clean, modern building is the Country Rose Cafe in Spanaway. It has plenty of seating in the large bright dining room, and you can watch the game from anywhere or just visit for a nice meal.
We stopped for breakfast, something rare for us, and really enjoyed ourselves. Our server, Dana, was helpful getting our group seated, and good coffee and menus came quickly. Deciding what to have was fun, since they have a full menu (available all day) and there were a lot of good-looking choices.
We decided to try the senior menu, which was limited, but we wanted eggs and it had a good list of egg dishes. I am also looking for a really good sausage in this area and decided to try the German sausage, from the side order list, with the senior omelet at $8.75. The sausage added $1.50 to the price of the omelet. We also had a Senior 1 Egg with Sausage at $8.75. I was amused that an omelet had an egg as an addition, which my companion ordered “hard.” When the egg came, over easy and cooked all the way through with no moisture left, she was pleased. Each omelet was made with three eggs, breakfast sausage came with the Senior 1 Egg (very good), and the German sausage was chopped into the senior omelet and was excellent with lots of seasoning without any spiciness.
We had toast on the side, since we wanted to check on the quality of the basics of breakfast, and we were satisfied. The omelets were big, fluffy and done perfectly to our taste and were stuffed with onions, peppers, shredded potatoes and mild seasoning.
The County Rose Café is an a strip mall across the street from the golf course at Sprinker Park. Lots of parking.

Carolyn Augustine writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene.