A ride on the Polar Express capped 2016

Oh, heavens. It is another year already. That last one sure went by fast with some fun things to make memories. We started in Mexico, made it to Alaska and ended with a riverboat cruise in Europe. Now we are on to new adventures for 2017.

But first, a bit about the end of 2016:

The Polar Express took us on a snowy winter day out of Elbe on the steam train.  We had cookies and hot chocolate as we listened to the story and marveled at a winter wonderland in our own back yard. The elk and deer were in the woods, the rivers ran fast and furious, and the snow came down. We drove carefully home but will have those memories for a long time.

Our other December adventure was to Molbaks in Woodinville. This seems to be an annual thing to see everything in the gift shop and look at the acres of poinsettias. And of course, we had to pick up the famous almond pastry.  You might want to think about coming with us next year.

Now, on to what 2017 promises us. Our first trip will be Cuba on March 19. A nice group is developing for this People-to-People experience. All excursions are included in the price as we head out to actually meet some of the people and learn about how they live.  Now under new leadership and expectations we will learn what their hopes are for the future.

On April 21, we start a 15-day cruise on Princess out of Vancouver to the islands of Hawaii. Many fun things are planned on shipboard, and excursions are available at each island stop. This is a nice way to enter spring.

On May 15, we will have an overnight cruise on Holland America out of Vancouver back to Seattle.  Perhaps we will take the train in order to get to Vancouver, or it will be the bus.  Then we have a fun overnight with dinner, a show and lots of entertainment to keep us busy. A special way to spend Mothers Day. Bring the family along for a shop escape vacation.

For reservations and other information, contact me at 253-927-8207 or linda.finch@gmail.com.

Odell Jones, Daisy Eigner and Fay Curry shared a ride on the Polar Express with you-know-who.
Odell Jones, Daisy Eigner and Fay Curry shared a ride on the Polar Express with you-know-wh