Are you a Type A? Here’s how to cool your jets in retirement

Retirees are often advised to stay busy. Volunteer, take classes or travel. And, for the most part, it is a good idea to stay active.

However, for many Type A personalities, it can be challenging to slow down enough to actually enjoy retirement. If that’s you, the retirement experts for Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) have some tips:

Stop pressuring yourself. You’ve worked hard and made substantial contributions. Now it’s someone else’s turn to earn money, support their family and save for the future. Think of your retirement as a gift to that person.

Give yourself adjustment time. After life in the fast lane, it can be a shock to wake up one morning with no demands. Don’t feel obligated to fill your schedule right away. Reflect on how you would really love to spend your time, and plan gradually.

Meditate. No need to sit in the lotus position. Walking, fishing, or gardening can do the trick. Just do something each day to quiet your mind. Eventually, the compulsion to jump from one form of entertainment to another will be replaced by contentment.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. There’s a learning curve to being lazy. If you spent the past 40 years winding yourself up, you’re not going to unwind overnight.

Source: AMBA, which advises active and retired educator association members on supplemental insurance.