BOOK REPORTS: Leaving your legacy your way

BOOK REPORTS: Leaving your legacy your way

By Marian Dinwiddie

Seniors need to read this book–“What to do With Everything You Own to Leave the Legacy You Want” by Marni Jamesonauthor of over five books on the subject.

Chapter titles include Understanding Wills and Trusts; How Much to Leave Your Children; What to do With Important Papers, Jewelry, Even an old Tractor; and How to Handle Matters for a Blended Home. Subjects also include how to let go of things, what to sell, donate, toss, and finding an expert or appraiser about an item. Many people have high-value items but don’t realize it.

A checklist at the end of the book will help the reader record information that your family, beneficiaries, or an estate planner will one day need.

Book published in June 2021. 258 pages.

Jameson also published “Downsizing the Family Home: What to Save, What to Let Go. Check if your local library has (or can get) a copy of  either or both books. To buy a copy, contact Amazon. If you “don’t do Amazon,” ask a friend or family member to order it for you.


Marian Dinwiddie lives in Spanaway.