Book has tips for a full life right to the end

When asked, “Do you want to live a long, happy life?” our answer is universally “Yes!” But if asked “Do you want to grow old?”, the answer is a resounding “No!”
The new book, “Happy Healthy…Dead: Why What You Think You Know About Aging Is Wrong and How To Get It Right” (MindLab Publishing), by Dr. Noelle Nelson, is for those who want to leave this life kicking and screaming. Nelson looks at what individuals can do to enjoy their later years to the fullest instead of bemoaning each waking day.
“You really can’t hope to experience a long, happy life without growing older. It’s a fact of life,” says Nelson. “But here’s the problem – our mental picture of life over 75 is pathetic. And over 80, 90, 100–even worse. We like the idea of living a long, happy life, but no one wants to grow old. Old age scares the heck out of us.”
Nelson, a psychologist and author of over a dozen books, wrote “Happy Healthy…Dead” to show readers how to live life starting now, in a way that supports happiness and healthy longevity through their 50s and 60s to their 90s and beyond.
“Happy Healthy…Dead” explains what sets apart those who are enjoying life in their later years from those who complain about every ache and pain. It tells how to retain the exuberance and energy of youth while harnessing wisdom gleaned from experience. It includes extensive scientific research proving how vital our current thoughts, emotions and attitudes are to our ability to live a long, healthy future.
“You may think being happy, optimistic, grateful and appreciative are nice ways to feel, pleasant ways to go about life, but they go far beyond momentary feel-goods,” says Nelson. “They have tremendous consequences for your physical well-being including stress levels, cardiovascular health and longevity. Positive thoughts and emotions may be, in fact, the missing link between you today and a happy, healthy you tomorrow—and tomorrow, and tomorrow.”
Nelson contends that we all have the capacity to live happier and healthy lives as we age. She provides a roadmap through an assortment of tips, tools and techniques for everyday life situations.
“Happy Healthy…Dead” also contains real life, inspiring examples of seniors doing great things, including these centenarians:
• George Blevins has been bowling regularly for 93 years and won the National Senior Games singles tournaments for the over-75 age group at age 100.

• Lillian Weber celebrated her 100th birthday by surpassing her goal of sewing 1,000 dresses for needy children. She sewed 1,051 — all handmade, all personalized.

• Astrid Thoenig celebrated her 100 birthday by going to work, as she has for the last 30 years, at an insurance company in New Jersey.
“Our time on Earth may be finite,” says Nelson, “but nowhere is it written that our last 10, 20 or 30 years must be spent in decline and misery. Why not make sure you’re on the right path, right now, that will bring you the most happiness, health and longevity?”
“Happy Healthy…Dead” is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.