Broke abroad? Stay calm, get the right help

Broke abroad? Stay calm, get the right help

Insurance experts at International Citizens Insurance have some advice for what travelers and expatriates can do if they end up in the nightmare situation of having all their money lost or stolen while abroad.

“It’s more common than you may think to find yourself with no money when you are traveling or living in a different country,” including the theft of a wallet stolen or lost luggage, said Joe Cronin, International Citizens Insurance president. He said it’s important to stay calm and to remember there is assistance available from a wide range of sources.

To help prevent the “nightmare,” tourists shouldn’t keep cash stored all in one place, they should keep a separate fund in a safe place in case of emergencies. Checking online banking applications is also encouraged so travelers can identify where their finances are at regular intervals.

In a financial emergency abroad:

  • Seek help from home. A friend or family member could send money via a safe online transfer and also buy you a ticket home if you need it.
  • Locate your country’s foreign embassy or consulate–the best place to start if obtaining money from a family member isn’t an option.
  • Make an insurance claim. You may be entitled to anything from medical coverage to translators if you are strapped for cash.
  • Find out if there are charitiesfor civil servants, medical professionals, and armed forces that provide financial relief on a case-by-case basis.
  • Tap into your bank’s emergency cash service if you lose your bank card or it is stolen. Travel provider
  • Contact your travel providers. They may be able to arrange travel back to your home country, possibly waiving additional fees.

    An empty wallet due to lost or stolen money doesn’t have to be a trip-wrecking disaster.