Bruno’s, as seen on ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’

Recently, Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” featured Bruno’s, so I went for lunch.
11 a.m. and there was a line outside. We found there was a deli counter featuring meats with European flavors and customers had big orders to pick up. The decor was plain. The two service people waited on the counter and also the restaurant tables, resulting in the waitress working on all the tables (six full ones when we were there) and also taking and filling orders at the deli counter.
We ordered the Polish Platter, at $13.50. Cabbage roll, pierogis, kielbasa and purée potatoes, and Potato Pancakes (Latkes), at $8.50, described as prepared with top quality grated fresh potatoes and seasoning. We had them with apple sauce. A dinner roll came with frozen butter, but was quite good. Sprite in a can was $2.25 with no refills. Water was warm.
The kielbasa was excellent, a six inch sausage full of paprika and garlic and juicy and spicy. The pierogies, dumplings like ravioli, were good. Tender, with a filling of farmer cheese and salt and pepper. The cabbage roll had a filling of overcooked mushy rice, a little bit of ground meat, and some spices rolled in a single thin cabbage leaf. A tiny bit of chopped cooked onion was garnish. Very disappointing. The potato pancakes were so over cooked they were inedible. Very tough, dark brown, served with bland applesauce. The scoop of potatoes on the Polish Platter tasted like they were made from flakes and didn’t add anything to the plate.
From the dessert list, only the strudel was made on site. We ordered the strudel and a berry torte at 4.50 each. I love strudel but I got a square of ice cold apple flavored dough with the consistency of clay. The berry torte was flavorful, but also ice cold.
There is no handicapped parking. The bathroom is not accessible and the toilet is low and very hard to use.

Bruno’s European Café
10716 A Street S
Tacoma WA 98444
Phone 253 719 7181
Open 11:00AM – 8:00PM Tuesday thru Saturday