Caregivers can identify with ‘Happy Tears’

Poster for free screening of ‘Happy Tears.’

“Happy Tears,” Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources’ latest film in the agency’s caregiving series, will show on Sept. 8 at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma.

The doors at 606 Fawcett Ave. will open at 10:30 a.m., followed by the screening at 10:50.  Complimentary popcorn will be provided by Cascade Park Communities, and the film is free, but tickets much be obtained in advance at or by calling the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 253-798-4600.   

The film is the story of two sisters who live different lives and return home to care for their aging father. ADRC officials say caregivers will be able to identify with many of the scenes in the film and will feel like the dialog comes straight out of their mouths.

The film shows how caregiving puts stress between siblings while at the same time drawing them closer together. It also reflects how seniors often discount the need for care, reject offers of help, and hold onto significant memories. The audience will have moments of laughter as well as moments of tears, said Aaron Van Valkeburg, manager of Aging and Disability Resources.

“Family caregiving is truly the backbone of our healthcare system in the United States,” Van Valkenburg said. “Caregivers make enormous sacrifices to help loved ones – from doing light housekeeping, meal preparation and medication management to stepping away from work for weeks, months or even years. A this film shows, the work that caregivers do is amazing.”

Aging and Disability Resources helps unpaid family caregivers with education, counseling, adaptive equipment, housework and errands services, and respite care. Additional information is available at 253-798-4600.