Celebrating the contributions of senior volunteers

Evelyn Wright, winner of 2012 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.

Senior Corp Week is May 7-11.  Throughout that week, volunteers and organizations will take part in events celebrating the remarkable achievements that older Americans provide through their volunteer work.   Senior Corps programs tap the skills, talents, and experience of more than 12,000 older Washington state residents to meet a wide range of community challenges through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), the Foster Grandparent Program, and the Senior Companion Program.

Senior Companions help more than 1,400 homebound seniors and other adults maintain independence in their own homes.  Sometimes simply going for a walk with someone helps them to lead a better life. Evelyn Wright’s shy smile and modest temperament hide a strong determination and a grueling walking pace.  Wright has served more than 50 clients and approximately 20,000 hours as a Senior Companion since she began in March 2000.  She is the Senior Companion Volunteer award winner for the Governor’s 2012 Out-standing Volunteer Service Award.  For more information or to get involved with Senior Companions, contact Julie Kerrigan at (253) 722-5686 or jkerrigan@lcsnw.org.

Michi Schroeder, RSVP Kitsap volunteer provides services at Harrison Medical Center in Kitsap county.

RSVP volunteers provide services through more than 920 groups across Washington.  RSVP Volunteer Michi Schroeder volunteers at Harrison Medical Center in Kitsap County in the Emergency Department as a greeter and assistant.  To date she has 6,600 volunteer hours with Harrison since October of 2003. The staff says they “couldn’t do their shift without her.”  For more information or to get involved with RSVP of Kitsap County contact Inga Jennings 360-377-5511 or ijennings@lcsnw.org.

RSVP Volunteer Lorraine Robertson is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for over 50 years and with the Washington Wing of the Civil Air Patrol(CAP) for over 35 years. She is committed to serving our military service members at the McChord Medical Clinic, as well as helping young people learn leadership skills through CAP’s youth program. For more information or to get involved with RSVP of Pierce County contact Molly Feider (253) 682-1832 or  mollyf@uwpc.org.

Foster Grandparents serve as mentors, role models and friends to local at-risk youth and children with special needs.  Kyoung Mo Im has been a Foster Grandparent volunteer for an impressive 17 years.  He cares deeply for the children with whom he works and also serves as an interpreter for fellow Korean-speaking volunteers.  He has even been selected to receive a City of Destiny Award this year, in recognition of his hard work and dedication.  For more information or to get involved with the Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) of Pierce and Thurston Counties contact Andie Daisley (253) 502–2743 or andied@ccsww.org.