Crepes galore at Frenchy’s Cafe

Frenchy’s Cafe is a coffee shop that serves breakfast all day, has some very good crepes, and also caters to those who like a crisp Panini sandwich. However, it needs to move to a better location. You can only enter from the west on Steilacoom Boulevard near American Lake, or by going around the block on the next cross-street. The parking lot is very rutted and is difficult to navigate in a big car. Handicap spaces are at the total other end of the building.
After finding our way in, we were pleased to enter a bright, clean shop with lots of comfortable seating and a pleasant wait staff. You order at the counter from the menu or from a board over the crepe stations, and then your food is brought out to you. The crepe menu is short and there is no opportunity to build your own, which is disappointing, but the buckwheat crepes were delicate and flavorful without being heavy. We ordered the Parisian as our sweet crepe, which had fresh squeezed lemon juice, butter and powdered sugar, at $6, and the Tuscan ($10), which had savory sauteed grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, diced roma tomatoes and fresh baby spinach. This was served with a side of balsamic vinaigrette. We also ordered the house soup, billed as gourmet soup at $5 but turned out to be chili. Good chili, but chili, not soup.
The sweet crepe was very good. The lemon juice was not overpowering, and the butter and powdered sugar made a good combination. There was also whipped cream, which added to the delicate taste.
The Tuscan was like a French chicken rollup with fresh vegetables and tender chicken. Balsamic is not my favorite, but even without it, the crepe was not dry or bland.
Each order was two large crepes folded around a good amount of filling. They are made to order, but come to the table quickly, and were hot and tender.
Frenchy’s is service-dog friendly, has a nice bathroom which is accessible, and the staff is happy to explain anything.
Frenchy’s Cafe and Crepery
8813 Edgewater Dr., Lakewood


Carolyn Augustine, who wrote this article, is a freelance restaurant writer.