Driving School

Reality Check

911-Driving School offers a three-hour behind the wheel program on a closed course.  Reality check isn’t just for new drivers or mature drivers worried about their driving skills declining.  If you’ve recently purchased a new car and want to take it through its paces to get a feel for how it handles in an emergency, a closed course offers a safe alternative to “real” driving.  (253) 445-0911

ProFormance Racing School

ProFormance offers a wide variety of specialized driving classes and experiences. Want to experience what race car drivers experience?  Get some hands-on training at Pacific Raceways in Kent (previously Seattle International Raceways) with courses offered by ProFormance Racing School.   These classes are expensive.  http://www.proformanceracingschool.com.

Join a club

Audi Club, Porsche Club, Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association and the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts all offer driver schools and safety seminars at Pacific Raceways in Kent. Check out Pacific Raceways website at http://www.pacificraceways.com.   BMW CCA Puget Sound offers BMW owners an opportunity to step up their driving skills in a controlled environment.  They also use Pacific Raceways as their venue.