Emerald Queen’s buffet is as good as they come

The Pacific Rim buffet at the Emerald Queen in Fife is one of the best I have experienced. The food is fresh, well prepared and the variety is satisfying.
Like any buffet, the food is best eaten when it first arrives from the kitchen, hot, or cold and the correct textures. I recommend taking a tour of the offerings when you first arrive, noting your favorites or the things you want to try and then picking them up when they are first presented.
We attended the Sunday Brunch and were really happy with the breakfast selections as well as prime rib, turkey, sushi, and a full salad bar.
I especially liked the eggs Benedict and the blue berry blintzes, soft pancakes with blueberry filling and sauce. The full omelet bar allows you to pick your own ingredients, and decide how dry you want your eggs.
There is a fruit bar, soups, breads and sushi which is made on site. I tried some varieties I had not had before and was pleased with the taste. A Chinese table has about 15 different foods with a variety of sauces.
I thought the fried fish was a bit dry and did not find any chicken except on the Chinese table.
The desserts were divine. Pies, cakes, little tortes, pudding, cobbler and cheese cake are all made on site and soft serve ice cream is available if you want them a la mode. I loved the blackberry pie. It was loaded with blackberries and the crust was tasty and tender. Always leave room for dessert. I could just fit in a tiny piece of cheese cake and it was moist and sweet. YUM.
There is valet parking and great restrooms. To avoid the gambling, self park in the south parking garage and cross to the restaurant section. The smoking section is separate from other diners. Service dog friendly.
A great dining experience.

If You Go
Emerald Queen Casino and Hotel
5700 Pacific Highway E
Fife Washington 98424
253 594 7777
Lunch 11 AM to 3 PM Seniors $12.95
Dinner 4 PM to 10 PM and 4 PM to 12 Midnight Saturday Seniors $17.95
Sunday Buffet 10 AM to 4 PM Seniors $17.95
Always check at a casino customer service desk to see of there is a way to get complimentary food.