Enhance your life this new year

One of the most important aspects of living life well after 50 does not quite fit into just one category, but rather all of them. Family and friends are aptly included in the happiness category considering happiness is the biggest key to a fulfilling life. These special people serve as a support system and they ensure a happy and healthy life. Keeping your loved ones close cannot be over-emphasized.


Eat Breakfast- It is the most important meal of the day, after all. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are plenty of quick and simple meals to make, so you can focus less on making meals and more on having some fun! Some simple breakfast options are overnight oats or a yogurt parfait.

Drink 64 Ounces of Water- Drinking the recommended amount of water has been preached to us since a young age. How much is enough? You got it, 64 ounces, that is 8 cups. Do not get overwhelmed though. Most glasses are 16 ounces, which means you only need 4 glasses a day!

Take Vitamins and Minerals- There are many vitamins and minerals that may be depleting as you grow older. Adding them back in to your diet is helpful, as they can be found in everyday foods that you may be consuming already! If not, or if the amount found in your food simply isn’t cutting it, there is no harm in taking a supplement. 

Schedule Screenings- This is one thing that is oftentimes overlooked. Go to your doctor and make sure to talk about every little thing that bothers you, even if it may seem insignificant. Not only that, but also have regular screenings for things that may run in your family or are common in people of your age, race, or gender.


Attend a Fitness Class- Did you know? National Senior Health and Fitness Day falls on the last Wednesday in May every year. To celebrate attend a fitness class or work in the garden. All fitness benefits aside, fitness classes can be fun! From yoga to kickboxing, it is fun for all ages.

Walk Daily- If the idea of organized sports repulsed you as a kid, perhaps an organized fitness class may not be your cup of tea either. In that case, a leisurely walk may be just the kind of low-impact exercise you need. Check out the national parks in your area, walking in a lovely place can only be made better by some company.


Focus on Organization- One way to add a dollop of ease into your life is to organize it! If everything has a place, there is no stress in doing the laundry, making dinner, or trying to find misplaced items.

Lend a Helping Hand- Giving back is so fulfilling. You have heard it before, but finding a charity to give back to can infuse a new sense of purpose into your life. Find yours today!

Keep Learning- Knowledge is power. Too cliché? Too true. With constantly changing technology there is more and more to learn. Along the lines of finding your passion, technology is not the only thing that there is to learn. It could be 16th century royal families or weird species of fish in the ocean. Even if other people my find them strange, do what interests YOU.   


Set Goals and Update as Needed- Money goals are important when planning for retirement. Take some time to sit down with your financial planner and plan out how much you need to live on post-retirement. Keep in mind that this number may change, you may have unexpected expenses you need to factor in.

Track and Audit Expenses- This is the information that you need to bring to that meeting with your financial planner. Figure out what you’re spending your money on each week and multiply that by 52 and you’ll have your yearly, post-retirement budget. The key: write everything down. Everything.

Keep Up-To-Date with New Ways to Manage Your Money- Online banking is on the up-and-up. Find out how to manage your money efficiently with new technology. Also, keep an eye on money news and look for new ways to invest or lucrative “side-hustles’” if you will. “Side-hustles” are ways to make money that do not necessarily involve a lot of effort. We’re not talking about a night job, but rather investment opportunities like flipping houses or participating in paid research studies. 


Sleep- 7-9 hours is recommended, but as you age so does your need for sleep. So if you feel like taking a nap, take that nap.

Brush Your Teeth and Floss- Basic oral maintenance only becomes more important with age as well. Oftentimes, dental insurance will run out when you retire, so you must take extra care of your teeth to save on costly dental bills.  

Ask for Help When You Need It- This is where your support system comes in. Do not be discouraged when things become more difficult with each passing birthday. Anyone could use some help grocery shopping, no matter their age.


Smile- That look on your face can affect your whole day. So wake up and throw on a smile, even if you don’t quite feel like smiling.

Be Grateful- Being thankful also helps put you in a positive mindset. Take inventory of all of the things you have to be thankful for and keep these things at the forefront of your mind throughout the day.

Connect and Spread Love- A form of giving back that doesn’t necessarily require time or money, but rather a positive mindset that you sprinkle on everyone you come in contact with.

Spend Time with Family- Keep them close, simple as that. You only get one family.

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