Fireworks banned in King County; near-ban starts next year in Pierce County

2022 is the last year that people in Pierce County will be able to legally set off fireworks for more than a day or two–which for lovers of pyrotechnics is better than their counterparts in King County, where consumer use of fireworks is banned starting this year.

Beginning in 2023, fireworks in Pierce County’s unincorporated areas will be restricted to July 4 and Dec. 31—Independence Day and New Year’s Eve. That’s the new rule as approved by the County Council.

Fireworks are currently allowed July 1-5.

Cities have a range of restrictions, including complete bans on personal use.

Council members acknowledged that reducing the number of days fireworks are allowed will have a financial impact on non-profit groups that raise money through sales of fireworks. But adding a day in December could help, said Councilman Dave Morrell.

Fireworks in unincorporated areas of King County, except for professional displays, are banned effective this year. The County Council took that action for safety reasons, citing fires and injuries resulting from fireworks. Violations of the ban will be a misdemeanor, but no citations will be issued in 2022 in order to give the public a year to adjust to the new rules, said county fire marshal Chris Ricketts.