Free online advice for a smooth retirement

There are many ways people can make a mess out of their retirement, even if they have money in the bank. So Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources is offering “How to Spoil Your Retirement,” a fast-paced survey of the ways retirees can paint themselves into a corner.

The presentation, which will look at issues such as finances, healthcare, socialization, physical activities, friendships, and mental health, are free and require advance registration. They’re scheduled for:

  • 21 at 6:30 p.m. Register at
  • 23 at 10 a.m. Register at

Instructions for joining the online presentations will be sent upon registration. Participation by phone also requires advance registration by calling 253-798-4600.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” said Aaron Van Valkenburg, manager of Aging and Disability Resources, a county government program. “Some are obvious, some are hidden. Many have little to do with financial issues. Avoiding these missteps can make retirement enjoyable, comfortable and rewarding.”

Outlook on life, a sense of humor, reading, social activities with others, hobbies, volunteerism, and an enjoyable part-time job are some of the things to consider. Looking at those issues should happen months, if not years, before actually retiring, Van Valkenburg advised.

Additional information about the presentations is available at 253-798-4600 or 800-562-0332.