Fried chicken is king at this Circle K

Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken is one of the fastest-growing convenience store-based eatery concepts in the nation.

As I visit the restaurants serving interesting food in Pierce County, I look for my favorites: Macaroni and cheese, burgers and fried chicken. I have  been pretty lucky with some, but not so lucky with fried chicken. Then I mentioned it to the nice gal who was doing my hair, and she said people from all over the county drove to the Tacoma Mall area to the Circle K convenience store for Krispy Krunchy.

Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken is one of the fastest-growing convenience store-based quick service restaurant concepts in the nation. Founded in 1989, the KK idea has grown into a worldwide organization with over 2,500 locations, including the Circle K at the corner of South Oakes and South 47th.

Very friendly and knowledgeable counter help will take your order. No seating. No wait staff. No frills.  Just fried chicken, sent by a supplier, cooked as you order it. And this chicken is very, very good.

Light, toasty brown breading. A very light taste of Louisiana-style spice throughout keeps the pieces from being too bland, and I was really impressed with how juicy every single piece was.

We ordered two breasts at $3.59 each, four wings at $1.89 each, four thighs at $2.19 each, and  fouir strips at $1.49 each. We also ordered six biscuits at $3.89, six jojo potato sticks at $2.19, and a big order of onion rings at $5.39.

This was a totally carryout establishment, with candy and  toys competing for space within the chicken counter. Our chicken came in big boxes of recyclable containers with napkins. Every piece was delicious and didn’t seem frozen or microwaved.

The biscuits were totally different from the usual fluffy white ones that come with chicken. They were smallish but drenched in honey butter and very tasty.

The onion rings were hand-cut, breaded and freshly fried. Delicious.

Next time I’m having the carrot cake and the mac and cheese. They were out this time.

We will be back. Great chicken can be had in Tacoma, at the Circle K convenience store. Don’t be put off by the gas pumps, traffic and crowded parking lot.



Circle K and Krispy Krunchy Fried Chicken

4704 S. Oakes, Tacoma


Chicken is available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Carolyn Augustine, who authors the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene, is a freelance restaurant writer from Lakewood.