Go ahead, take that trip for yourself

And what is on your Christmas list this year? A little fun adventure? An escape from the cold? Time to pamper yourself?
At our age, we have been taking care of others for so many years that we often forget there should be time for us. Perhaps there is money in the bank because “we have to leave something for the children” or “I’m saving it for a rainy day.” Well, we aren’t getting any younger, and the day may come when we really can’t get out and have some fun escapes for ourselves. We do need to take advantage of what we have now. Senior Adventures is all about still being able to do things even if you can’t do them on your own. Our tours are escorted, and we even help you find a roommate if you need one to help share the expenses.
Here we are at the end of another year. What new memories did you add? Did you find a new special place that you loved? Did you make some new friends? Did you learn something about a new culture? Did you do something you have always dreamed of doing but didn’t have the time, the money or anyone to do it with?
Senior Adventures is there for you. We have day trips, short overnights and exciting longer trips which might include a cruise or an amazing land tour. We visit far away exotic places and those within reach by lunch time.
Plans are now being made for many exciting things in the new year: A cruise to Belize and Roatan; a couple of weeks in Maui; spring in Washington, D.C; an exploration of Portugal with a river cruise on the Duro; Normandy and Paris for Memorials of the War. We will see the tulips in LaConnor, maybe iris in Oregon or lilacs in Woodland; we will travel to the ocean and the mountains; dinners may take us to the Seattle waterfront, Hood Canal, Olympia or points beyond; stay close to home and go to the theater for “Lion King.”
Do something for yourself. Give yourself permission to have fun. Contact me at 253-927-8207 or linda.finch@gmail.com