Good fortune smiles on Jade Pacific diners

The best Fortune Cookies ever, really big portions, and lots of choices make the Jade Pacific restaurant worth a try.
The dining room is bright and welcoming and our server, Taleah was glad to answer any questions.
We decided to start with a warming cup of egg drop soup which came with the “B” lunch of Soup of the Day, pork chow mein, pork fried rice and almond chicken for $7.25. A substitution was made and the pork fried rice became chicken. We also ordered the JP Special Combination Plate at $10.99, which included four fried wonton strips, fouir slices of tender and delicious barbecued pork, four Shrimp Paste appetizers, four crisp and flavorful battered shrimp, four fried egg rolls, and two small dishes of sauces. A big platter of chicken fried rice was a lunch special and was loaded with egg and vegetables. We also ordered orange beef to-go at $11.95, as this is a great favorite of ours. It was beef strips breaded and covered in a tangy orange sauce.
Now about those fortune cookies: At the end of the meal, we each got one and they were not wrapped as usual but loose on the plate. They were the best fortune cookies I have ever had – nice sweet toasty flavor, crisp and with “true” fortunes. I was very pleased that the to- go order included two more cookies, as well as chop sticks. I checked and you can purchase them by the dozen for $2 – a bargain.
Good food, friendly service and those cookies would bring me back. There was plenty of parking,and the bathrooms were large and clean, but I thought the doors to the stalls were a little cramped. A disabled person might need help.

Jade Pacific
12154 S. Pacific Ave., Tacoma. Located on the west side of Pacific, one block north of Garfield Street.
Open Wednesday to Monday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Closed Tuesday.

Carolyn Augustine, who writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene,

Pacific Jade’s egg drop soup is a welcome warmup. (Courtesy photo)
Pacific Jade’s egg drop soup is a welcome warmup. (Courtesy photo)

is a freelance restaurant writer.