TECHNOLOGY: Grandparents, gratitude and Google

Judging from their online searches, the most grateful grandkids in the country are from Minnesota, while some of the least grateful apparently are right here in Washington.

Minnesota claimed the top spot, according to an analysis of Google search trends undertaken by Provision Living, a Missouri-based company of senior living communities. Ohio, Texas, Georgia and Michigan rounded out the top five grandparent-loving states in the country.

At the other end of the spectrum, states where grandma and grandpa might be overdue for a some love from their grandkids include Washington, which ranks 42nd in Google-tracked expressions of affection and gratitude from the youngsters to the oldsters.

The study analyzed more than 20 keywords related to grandparents in all 50 states. The terms included Grandparents Day, gift ideas for grandmothers, Christmas gifts for grandpas, etc. The final rankings of states were based on search volume per capita of the various keywords.

The majority of states where grandparent seemingly got the most love are in the middle of the U.S. States around the bottom of the list are closer to the east and west coasts.