Hangar Inn

If you like airplanes, the Hangar Inn is for you. The restaurant is located at the Pierce County Airport, old Thun Field, and planes are landing and taking off right next to you all the time.  Also, there are replicas and models of planes hanging from the ceiling.

We went for a late lunch on a weekday and there only a few people seated before us. The room was dark, and sort of dingy. The menus had prices from toast and jelly at $1.99 to a 12 oz New York Steak served with soup or salad., potatoes and steamed vegetables, for $16.69.

Breakfast is served all day. We ordered the fried halibut fillets served with french fries, vegetables and bread, with the vegetable soup $12.99; but substituted the onion rings at $3.29, and also ordered three pieces of fried breaded chicken served with potato soup, fries, steamed vegetables & bread, at $10.99.

We thought the food was excellent. The soups were hearty and flavorful, although the potato soup was so thick it resembled soft mashed potatoes. The vegetable soup had a beef and tomato base with lots of vegetables and chunks of beef. The four pieces of fried fish were very good with a thin crispy coating, that was different from the coating on the fried chicken. The chicken was thoroughly cooked and the coating was crunchy. The onion rings were perfect with onion slices cooked all the way through and a crunch that was very satisfying. None of the food was spicy, but had salt and pepper in flavorful amounts. We asked the waitress how they did all the different coatings and she laughed and said she didn’t know because everything came ready made from a supplier. We were shocked! No home cooking at all, And at these prices. Still, their supplier makes good food.

Accessible, service dog friendly, but slow service.

16919 a Meridian E,

Puyallup, WA 98375

(253) 848-7516

Mon – Thurs and Sun. 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fri – Sat 6 a.m. – 10 p.m.

1 ½ stars.