Harness races and the west’s largest police museum

This is always a hard month for me to write.  We really don’t have a lot going on during the winter months and I have a tendency to leave the country.  A I write it is still January with the rain, cold and yuk!.  I am leaving for Mexico and will tell you all about it next month.  The following month will let you in on my trip to Australia.

But, what’s in it for you?  There are plans in the works and you need to be thinking about them.  There is still time to sign up for the HARNESS RACES in Langley B.C.  This adventure across the border (passport or enhanced driers license required) is always fun.  Fraser Downs has a complete casino for down time between races, a magnificent buffet that leaves no room for complaint, and the fun of betting (either for real or for fun) on the horses.  We are scheduled for March 17 and there is still plenty of room.

Seattle is often in the news in regards to police action (but what large city isn’t).  How about a trip to the largest police museum in the western United States?  On March 14 we will make a trip to discover the history of Northwest la enforcement, policing the frontier and the “Taming” of Seattle.

Dinner Dates and Mystery Trips will start up and be a part of every month.  These are nice little trips to explore our beautiful state and get us out of the house.  Come along to see where we might go, or add your own thoughts and we might just follow your wishes.

Don’t forget about those Bucket List items we have previously mentioned.  CUBA is high on the list for international destinations; the BADLANDS and MT. RUSHMORE keep us in the U.S., and ALASKA is always a favorite.

For reservations and further information contact Linda Finch at 253 927 8207.  Ask to be added to the email list at linda.finch@gmail.com