Healthy eating while sheltering: Yes to nutrients, no to empty calories

Healthy eating while sheltering: Yes to nutrients, no to empty calories

With social distancing orders in place in many areas across the country, you may be doing your grocery shopping with shelf stability in mind. But this factor should not be your only priority. Right now, it’s especially important that the foods you eat also support your health and longevity.

Here are three things to know about eating to feel strong while sheltering in place:

  1. Empty calories should get the boot.

Many products designed to last a long time don’t contain the vital nutrients your body needs, and instead contain artificial ingredients that lead to quick energy and crash cycles. While empty calories will keep you alive, they won’t allow you to thrive, promoting fat over muscle and actually weakening your body’s ability to defend itself.

  1. Nutrients ignite your body’s natural power to defend.

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the fact that people who have compromised immune systems and chronic disease are often the most vulnerable to viral infection. Fortunately, you can help boost your immunity and defend against certain chronic diseases with a nutrient-packed diet. Why? Nutrients nourish your cells, defend against free radicals, give you energy, and aid muscle growth and repair.

  1. Eating to thrive is easier than it sounds.

Getting the “big five” — protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and fiber — doesn’t have to be a challenge during difficult situations. To get all your essential nutrients in every meal, consider stocking up on products supported by research, such as Nutrient Survival, a line of nutrient-dense foods and drinks that are simple to make. Developed by a team of food scientists, researchers, chefs, outdoorsmen, survivalists and adventure athletes who were frustrated with the lack of effective emergency food options, these non-perishable snacks, drinks, entrees and even coffee are high in protein and contain 14 vitamins and 14 minerals, so you can provide your body with what it needs throughout the day.

Social disruption shouldn’t stop your ability to survive and thrive. In these challenging times, fueling your body right is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself.


Spending more time with the keyboard and other stay-at-home activities are healthier if you stay away from food that has empty calories, such as chips and candy. (Getty Images Plus)