Hot time at Harrison; Leavenworth is next

There were a couple of hitches in our adventure to Harrison Hot Springs, but a bridge collapse and detours didn’t stop our group from heading north on a beautiful spring day. Actually, the detour through Conway and the agricultural portion of LaConner was not only easy but much more attractive than taking I-5.  It allowed us to stop at the Skagit Casino for lunch and continue up to Blaine for a duty-free stop and into Cloverdale for a pharmacy stop. Miles into Canada, we made that turn into Agassiz and on to Harrison, where we were suddenly at lakeside surrounded by mountains still topped with snow.

A group of Harrison Hot Springs visitors posed for a picture in the resort's Copper Room. (Courtesy photo)
A group of Harrison Hot Springs visitors posed for a picture in the resort’s Copper Room. (Courtesy photo)

Harrison Hot Springs Resort was built in 1925 after the original hotel (1886) burned in 1920. It was the first resort-style property in southern British Columbia. During the 1940s, it was a sanitarium for women who had participated in the European war effort. After the war, it was returned to its original function and has been serving guest in its rooms, pools and Copper Room ever since. 

The hot spring itself turns out water at 165 degrees and is then funneled into holding chambers and portioned out to each of the pools on the property. We tried them all and came home refreshed and ready to try something else in the near future.

Leavenworth is our next overnight adventure with two nights hotel and three plays (“Sound of Music,” “Flashdance” and “Grease”). We will be gone Aug. 15-17 for a cost of $420. Space is still available at the time of this writing.

A day trip to MOHI (Museum of History and Industry) is planned for November.  What better thing to do in winter? Unless you want to find the sun, and then take a cruise out of San Francisco to Hawaii and back. This 15-day cruise, departing in November, stops at all the islands and lets you explore. You might just decide to go back to Maui with us in the spring for a couple of weeks.

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