‘I did what I was supposed to do’

When Zoraida Otero was called for assistance May 28 in the room of People’s Retirement Community resident Joan Holman, she didn’t know what to expect. But when she entered the room and saw Joan lying on the floor unconscious and not breathing, she knew exactly what she had to do. 

“My nursing skills kicked into high gear and I immediately knew what needed to be done,“ said Otero, an LPN-RCM. She started the steps for CPR.  That quick reaction saved Joan’s life.
Otero was sweating and breathing hard while she was fully engaged performing CPR.  She remembers telling Joan “Stay with me” over and over. 

Otero thought she had lost Joan because it felt like a long time had passed.  But Joan finally woke up and took a breath.  Then the paramedics arrived and took over, and Otero was able to step back.  Then the emotions hit.  First, how thankful she was that Joan was back, paramedics were there and everything was going smoothly. Second, how grateful she was for her staff’s quick thinking and organization. And last, how proud she was of herself.

“I’m a good nurse, and I did what I was supposed to.  That’s my job,” said Otero, a member of the People’s Retirement staff for two years.

Joan and her family are also thankful for Otero and the staff of Peoples Retirement Community.  So thankful that Joan and her family catered lunch for the entire staff.  Joan says, “That day was a celebration of life.  Without the staff’s quick thinking and reactions, I would not be here.”