It’s Greek for you

Cold and tired? Hungry and looking for something interesting? Greek food! Cute restaurant with blue painted decorations, drive-in window … Yay!
I had a talk with Christine at the window at It’s Greek to Me while we tried to work out an order that had ingredients that my whole family would eat, be tasty, and had generous servings. We settled on the 10-inch Greek Garden Pizza at $9.95 with $3 for added chicken, a chicken gyro at $6.49, and the Souvlaki appetizer which was two chicken skewers with tzatziki sauce at $6.99. Sounds like a lot of chicken, but I wanted to taste the spices and condiments without too much of a challenge, and I was happy with these choices. You could choose beef or lamb for any menu item.
Everything was delicious and made to order. The pizza came to the car flaming hot, loaded with kalamata olives, black olives, fresh garlic, lots of chicken, fresh spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, and dripping with feta cheese. Spices were oregano, pepper and basil. Waiting until it cooled off enough to touch it was a good idea and gave me a chance to taste the chicken skewers.
Each long wooden skewer had four big pieces of chicken breast marinated in garlic, olive oil and spices. The tzatziki sauce is yogurt, olive oil, grated cucumber, garlic and lemon, and was tangy and flavorful.
The gyro, a Greek sandwich served on pita bread, had onions tomatoes, letttuce, tzatziki sauce and browned ground chicken. It was tender and very good.
If you have a taste for Greek-style food and find yourself anywhere near downtown Tacoma, stop in at It’s Greek to Me. The menu has something for everyone, and the prices are reasonable.
(I am dedicating this column to Carole Hobson,a reader from the first column, longtime friend and dining partner. I will miss her.)

Carolyn Augustine, a freelance restaurant writer, writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scne.

It's Greek to Me beckons lovers of Greek cuisine.
It’s Greek to Me beckons lovers of Greek cuisine.