Keep an eye out for clogged storm drains

With wet fall weather returning and leaves falling, the potential for flooding along roads increases. So does the opportunity for the public to help reduce flooding by keeping storm drains near their homes clear of leaves.
Road officials suggest the following ways to help:
• Pick up leaves and other yard waste and put them in yard waste bins for pick up
• If it can be done safely, remove leaves and other debris from storm drains with a rake.
• In Pierce County, find a list of local facilities that accept yard waste and leaves, often free of charge, at
“While residents are raking leaves in their yards, they can also help the community by taking a few minutes to check on nearby storm drains and clean out leaves and other debris,” said Brian Ziegler, Pierce County’s director of Public Works and Utilities. “Spending a little effort at the start of fall can have a big impact as more storms blow into the area, bringing more rain and causing more leaves to drop.”
People living in cities and towns should contact their local public works department to report flooding or storm drain problems
In unincorporated areas of Pierce County, problems can be reported at 253-798-6000 or