Knitted Knockers a big hit

Sheila Joynes, Assistant Manager of Debbie Macomber’s A Good Yarn Shop in Port Orchard, said their Knitted Knockers have been a huge hit with women who have breast cancer.
Knitters who frequent the popular knitting shop in Port Orchard couldn’t wait to jump on board for the project of providing this alternative for women, even expanding on the pattern and providing a pocket so women could add some filling if necessary. The pattern they use can be knit or crocheted and the filling can be removed for washing.

The Knitted Knockers are a simple idea that has given women a wonderful alternative to the prosthesis that is prescribed after breast surgery.

There is no charge for the knockers and donations go right back to purchase yarn so knitters can whip up more of them. Some generous folks donate yarn as well and that keeps the needles at A Good Yarn Shop clicking as folks gather to drink coffee, knit and visit.

Customer and knitter Christine Peterson is enthusiastic about the project.

“Think about it. We all know someone who has breast cancer,” she said, adding that for the first six to nine months many women cannot wear the prosthesis provided from the medical community, so there is nothing to fill out their clothing.

Many women don’t have insurance that would cover the medical prosthesis and the knockers come free of charge.

“This little cotton yarn knocker is extremely comfortable and just sits in the bra. We make them in different sizes and can custom make any size,” added Peterson.

The knockers are a good alternative to women who swim as they fit in comfortably and dry quickly, they absorb sweat and Peterson said they can be hand washed and re-stuffed at a moment’s notice.

The medical prosthesis is often bulky and uncomfortable.

Joynes said “We have had women take out their prosthesis and say ‘try to pick this up.’ They are heavy, hurt their backs and make them sweat because they are thick rubber.”
The knockers said Joynes are lightweight, easy to care for and fit right into their regular bra.

Cerease Teter’s breast cancer was diagnosed in 2002 and she is thrilled to have access to the knockers.

A regular knitter, she has taken classes at A Good Yarn Shop and now uses the knockers pretty much all the time.

Teter volunteers at various health events spreading the word about the free knockers.

“I’ve heard so many stories from women and different things they were doing and how their clothes didn’t fit right anymore,” said Teter. She added that women were so grateful to have this comfortable, free alternative.

Women can pick the knockers up at A Good Yarn Shop at 1140 Bethel Avenue Suite 101 in Port Orchard or call them at (360) 876-0377. The shop is willing to mail them free of charge. The knockers also appear at many local cancer events and have been designated by Debbie Macomber as one of the three organizations to distribute donations in her 2012 Knit 1, Bless 2 charity outreach program.

The pattern is available on line on