Los 3 Hermanos Taqueria

Tacoma has food trucks of all sorts. These trucks are fully contained kitchens with the same requirements and inspections as any other restaurant in town. Some travel around, others stay in one place. Whichever, they have owner operators cooking away inside producing fresh hot food in a “come as you are”  environment.

Los 3 Hermanos, ‘The Three Brothers” has two picnic tables outside, and plenty of clean space to park and eat in your car. Food is pictured on the side of the truck, and the owners are willing to discuss your choices. There is a wide variety of entrees: your choice of beef, pork, or chicken, and bottled drinks, but no desserts. We had the torta, a big sandwich, at $4.99, the 3 Taco meal, one beef, two chicken at $4.99, the Three Beef Enchilada meal, at $4.99 and one plain beef taco at $.99. We drank water.

All food comes in take-out boxes with plastic forks and spoons. Also served with orders is green salsa, red salsa and a small serving of pickled carrots and jalapenos. All of these are really tasty, and mildly spicy without much bite, except for the peppers which leave a burn on the tongue.

The torta, at $4.99, was excellent, with a large, soft, toasted bun, lots of chopped beef, lettuce, avocado, tomato, mayo, and a touch of cilantro. Want more spice? Try adding the peppers. There was plenty for two, (bring your own knife!), served with rice, and runny refried beans, my favorite. You can mix your rice and beans, and have a great side dish

Tacos come on mini flour tortillas, and are hot from the griddle, mildly spicy, not even a bite on the tongue with just a little cilantro. Best picked up and eaten with salsa dripping off the side.

The enchiladas were very tasty rolled in smaller sized flour tortillas, but were soaked in flavorful but oily sauce and hard to cut up.

No restroom, service dog friendly, accessible, and fun.

2 Stars.

Los 3 Hermanos Taqueria

2728 S. 12th Street, ( EZ Mart Parking lot)

Tacoma WA 98405

Daily 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.