Metro Transit bus fares dropping

Metro Transit bus service in King County will become more affordable next March for tens of thousands of riders, including seniors, with the start of a reduced fare for people with low incomes.
Riders who qualify for the fare will pay $1.50 for travel at any time of the day, in one or both zones. The fare for seniors and people with disabilities who have a Regional Reduced Fare Permit will remain lower. Here’s how Metro Transit say the low-income fare will work:
• The income eligibility amount is up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level (that’s $23,340 for a single person in 2014).
• The fare will be available only on an ORCA card that will look and work just like the regular ORCA card, but be programmed for the low-income fare. The low-income ORCA card will be free.
• Card holders can put E-purse value or passes on the card at ORCA vending machines at Link stations and some transit centers, at 74 retail stores, at the Metro customer service offices in downtown Seattle, online or by phone. ORCA To-Go mobile sales vans will also be visiting community centers and events.
• Metro is contracting with human service agencies around King County that will verify applicants’ identity and income level and provide ORCA cards to those who are eligible.
Seattle-King County Public Health will coordinate the agency network and also verify applicants’ eligibility, officials said.