Mountain and ocean: How we spent our summer

Wow. Fall is upon us already.  It just seems like this year is going so fast. This is the month we take the riverboat trip between Paris and Prague, “Cities of Light.”

We did a “Quick Trip” to Mount Rainier in late July, and even though it was a bit of a misty day, it was beautiful.  We are so lucky to have such a beautiful destination in our own backyard.

We stopped for a moment in Elbe to see the tiny church and again just up the road at the metal sculpture park.  That is a wonderful place to explore, with everything from giraffes and horses to carts and carriages.

The waterfalls along the way were beautiful, and the falls at Narada inside Mount Rainier National Park were particularly spectacular.  Lunch was at the lodge at Paradise, and then it was time to turn around and head back down.

The next trip was in August to the ocean. Ocean Shores is always a good place to go, and lunch at the Quinault Casino gives everyone an opportunity for a little added fun. There is the usual shopping, but we all go just to sit on the beach and watch the waves come in. I’m afraid we aren’t much at beach walking, but the roar of the waves and the fresh smell of the seawater can be taken in through open windows.

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“Discover Scotland” has been added to the schedule for April, and Cuba is developing nicely for March. There is also some thought about a cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii and back in April. Show your interest and it just might happen. For reservations, etc., contact me at 253-927-8207 or linda.finch@gmail.

Faye Curry at the metal sculpture park outside Elbe.
Faye Curry at the metal sculpture park outside Elbe.