Muffins and more at Mama’s

When you walk into Mama’s Muffins and Bakery, expect the unexpected. Maybe the shelves will be groaning with their loads of huge delectable muffins, specialty sweet bread and other tender pastries and sweets. Or there may be a sampling of goodies left after the crowds sweep down and gobble everything in sight. Whatever there is, Tina Hamilton, the owner, will be happy to describe all the baked goods and help you decide what to buy. Sit down at the big table and have a cup of coffee and a treat.

This is a commercial wholesale bakery that has been providing wonderful sweet things to coffee shops and small restaurants all over Pierce County for years. They opened this retail store and bakery a couple of months ago and found instant customers who were familiar with their wares, and were happy to buy them at the source.

I wanted dessert, so I bought muffins and turnovers. For $2.75 each ($29.95 a dozen), I picked strawberry cheesecake, Dutch chocolate, pumpkin cheesecake, and two flaky turnovers, apple and cheesecake pineapple coconut. These were fresh out of the oven, still warm and so tender and fragrant you wanted to eat them standing at the counter. Since the muffins were five inches across and five inches tall, this would have been a little much, but it would have been fun trying.

Delicious! The chocolate would have been perfect for a little birthday cake, as it was so sweet and good, loaded with chocolate and topped with toasted coconut and sugar crystals. The rich, smooth pumpkin cheesecake tasted of fall and holidays, and the cherry cheesecake just made you smile with sweet flavor. One of these was plenty for two. The turnovers had tender filo style dough that practically floated off the plate and the generous fillings were mouthwatering.

There is plenty of parking, so take a chance and try Mama’s for your next brunch or coffee celebration. Call ahead to reserve your favorites.

No restroom; carryout menu available; service-dog-friendly.


2 ½ stars. Very Good.

Mama’s Muffins and Bakery

10518 S. Tacoma Way, Lakewood


Hours: 7  a.m. to 7 p.m.