Name and experience is the same: Happy

Happy at the Bay is one of a chain of seven teriyaki restaurants in western Washington, and is a tiny storefront on Pacific Avenue South in Spanaway. It has walkup counter service and seven tables, and while we were there, there was a constant stream of people coming in to pick up carryout. We wanted to try as many things as possible, so we ordered the dinner for two. It was $23.95 and was easily enough food for two or three people.

There were four big scoops of rice, two egg rolls, two pot stickers and two plain lettuce salads with a nice, sweet dressing. Main teriyaki dishes were beef teriyaki, pork and breaded chicken. Sliced into thin pieces for easy serving, our food came within 15 minutes of ordering. We also had tea at $2.

Pot stickers and egg rolls were deep-fried, very tasty, and nice and crisp. Some of the beef teriyaki was on the bone in small pieces and some was sliced boneless pieces. The pork was tender and there was enough sweet, tangy teriyaki sauce to pour over rice and meat and still have plenty. Extra sauce was available. The breaded chicken was seasoned gently, very tender, and the coating was crisp. There was a whole chicken breast, pork cutlets as big as your hand, six pieces of beef on a very thin piece of bone, and more boneless beef in sauce. All the meats were very good, and the egg rolls and pot stickers were crunchy and had fresh taste.

The restaurant is bright and cheerful, and the service was very friendly and gave us excellent food and good service at a reasonable price.

The bathroom was tiny, and a person with a walker might have a problem. There was plenty of parking, and the restaurant is service dog-friendly.

A friendly place to eat or get carry-out.


Happy at the Bay Teriyaki

17707 Pacific Ave. S., Spanaway (in the strip mall at the corner of 176th and Pacific)

(253) 875-2201

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily