New transit service is on-demand

If you live in Spanaway, Parkland, or Midland, Pierce Transit has something new—Runner, an on-demand transportation link connecting seniors, students, workers, and limited-mobility individuals with community resources, appointments, school, workplaces, and transit hubs.

Pierce Transit officials said suburban sprawl and rural properties in the areas don’tt support full-fledged bus service, which makes it difficult to for residents to get where they need to go. So Runner uses smaller, wheelchair-accessible vehicles to provide trips when and where needed, and to make it easier to reach local and regional transit options.

More information, including how to request a ride, is at and 253-270-1340.

Fares are $2 for adults and $1 for holders of a regional reduced fare permit. The rides are free for anyone 18 or younger who has a youth ORCA card.