Opportunies (such as Iceland) to keep on going

Opportunies (such as Iceland) to keep on going

Life is so short, and most of us are at an age where we are losing those close to us. In the not-too-distant past, I have lost a couple of 102-year-olds, but I am attending a birthday party for a 109-year-old. They all have had wonderful stories to tell of the things they have done and the places they have traveled. The one thing that keeps coming up in conversations is “don’t hold back.” As long as you can get around, keep on going. You may not be able to travel alone any more, but you certainly can in a group where there is someone to keep an eye on you and help out when you are in need. A roommate can be found for you so that you are not alone and are not paying that extra amount for a single supplement.

Recently we have done a few short things like the beautiful Skagit Valley for a look at the tulips. The 5th Avenue Theater has kept a steady group entertained, and we have even included lunch in Seattle to go along with these excursions. We look forward to more activities now that the weather is better. Get on the e-mail list to find out about them, as they may come up with very short notice.

Those things which take a longer planning time need to be thought about now. We have mentioned the ALASKA CRUISE on Aug. 18 and still have both a male and a female looking for a roommate. This may be just the thing for you to add to your memories. It is an easy cruise, as it goes right out of downtown Seattle, so there is no need for airline flights.

Iceland seems to be the latest hot-spot destination, and we have space with Collette Tours on July 14.  Flights go non-stop from Seattle to this country full of dramatic contrasts. See steaming lava fields and massive glaciers, thundering waterfalls and plunging fjords.

Our South America group keeps growing, so why not join in the fun? This is a Princess cruise which includes a rare four days in Antarctica. Fly to Santiago for the 16-day adventure, returning home from Buenos Aires. Just think of the stories you could tell from this. Strike another continent off your bucket list.

Should we think even further out?  How long has it been since you have thought about China, Vietnam, Hong Kong? Perhaps we should look into that direction.

For further information, reservations or questions, get in touch with Linda Finch at 253-927-8207 or e-mail to linda.finch@gmail.com.