Pho PQ

Really good food, family operated, Pho PQ is a good place to go for a hearty lunch if you like big servings of soup. The place needs a lot of upgrading in the restaurant and bathrooms, but it is clean and bright. The sign outside says Pho Joy, so don’t be confused.

Pho, sort of rhymes with “duh”, is a result of French influence on Vietnamese cooking and culture in the mid 1800s. The basic soups are standard chicken and beef stock with lots of vegetables and meats, and at Pho PQ are not spicy at all. However, on the table are jars and bottles filled with fire! Chili, and soy and pepper. Add them to your taste and at your own risk.

We started our meal with fresh spring rolls at $1.75 each or 2 for $3.00. These were delicious, large, with rice wrappers, filled with noodles, lettuce, large shrimp, home made barbecued pork, and shredded carrot. Delicious, not spicy, peanut dipping sauce was provided. We tried the chili paste from the table, and it made my eyes water.

We ordered wonton pho, $8.95, with egg noodles, spicy pork wanton, onions, barbecue pork, bok choy, and shrimp. The meats were all at the bottom of the one-quart serving and the vegetables on top. You stir them together and get a mixture in each bite. Slurping is encouraged.

Crab noodle pho, $8.95,was also loaded with noodles, vegetables, and meats, and was rich and tasty. There are carry out cups for leftovers.

Also sampled was the spiced pork chop platter at $6,95. Two very thin, tender spiced portions of pork chop, on the bone, with a scoop of white rice and a salad, served with a very delicate fish sauce for the rice. It was very good, and plenty to eat.

Pho PQ is worth trying for a change of pace and big bowl of soup.

Pho PQ

10706 Bridgeport Way SW
Lakewood WA 98499
(253) 584-0229
Mon-Fri 10 am – 9 pm
Sat-Sun 11 am – 8 pm

2 stars