Pick-Quick Drive In

4306 Pacific Hwy E
Fife, WA 98424
(253) 922-5599

Open Feb. 1 to Nov. 30
M-Sat: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On a nice Saturday we were driving down Pacific Highway in Fife when we saw a line of people standing out front of what appeared to be a hot dog stand.  Being a lover of a good frankfurter, in a few minutes I was parked outside of the Pick-Quick Drive-In, a tiny establishment with a big reputation that goes back 63 years. They have a walk up window, a basic menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, shakes and fries, lots of parking and picnic area with about 20 tables. You need a little patience since the line can be two dozen people deep. If they are busy, be sure to check your order before you leave the window because the three women taking orders and cooking are friendly but frazzled.

We had fries two ways, with chili (lots of mild meaty chili) for $3.65, and plain for $2.05. The fries are hand cut, thin, with skins on, and very tasty. We had a Polish Coney dog at $4.40, a plain Polish hot dog and a plain hamburger at $2.65. The Coney dog was a good spicy dog with lots of chili, cheese, and onions on a big soft roll.. The flavors blended in a moment or two as the heat from the hot dog and chili melted the cheese and warmed the onions. The plain hot dog was pretty standard but big. I got the plain hamburger just to see what a basic burger was, and it was a commercial patty on a very good hamburger bun. We had a mountain blackberry shake at $3.01 that was thick and tasted just like blackberries.

If you are in Fife and you are not in a hurry, eating at the Pick Quick is a lot of fun, inexpensive, and pretty tasty. They have a big fancy new restaurant in Auburn, but I like the casual atmosphere of the Fife Store.

Wheel chair accessible, no indoor seating.