Restaurant scene: Seattle is in top 10 and Tacoma’s in top 100 nationally

The best American city for restaurant lovers is Portland, Ore., with Seattle not far behind. That’s according to a report by WalletHub, which determined the best and cheapest local foodie scenes by comparing more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities in such things as affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants and per-capita ratios of food festivals, craft breweries and wineries.

Portland came out on top, followed in the top-10 by San Francisco, Miami, Fla., New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Fla., Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, and Austin, Texas.

Seattle’s lofty overall ranking came in part from leading the country in coffee shops per capita (a distinction shared with Portland, NYC, San Francisco, and Orlando).

The full report, including where other cities rank (Tacoma, for instance, is 94th), is at

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