Skin care for seniors ‘in the comfort of their own home’

McCord Research, in partnership with Product Quest Manufacturing, has launched skin care kits called At Home – Where Healing Happens Skin Care. The product is for skin conditions commonly faced by seniors over the age of 65 and is based on the same medical protocol practiced by hospitals, long-term care and home health agencies.

“As Baby Boomers continue to age, it’s critical we make available treatments and remedies that address chronic skin conditions frequently faced by this population,” said John Regan, president of Product Quest. “At Home’s product line will ensure patients can improve their individual skin conditions and prevent serious complications from the comforts of their own home, the best place for healing to happen.”

The line’s eight kits include Diabetic Skin Care, Chronic Dry Skin Care, Antifungal Skin Care, Fragile Skin Bruising Skin Care, Venous Skin Care,  Incontinent Skin Care, Radiation Skin Care and Edema Skin Care.

Each kit has nutrient-rich healing qualities, said Dr. Elizabeth McCord, a skin health expert who developed the products.

At Home is available in select CVS Pharmacy stores and online at Additional  information is available at